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I will teach you chess  I teach chess to beginners, advanced and even those who can not play at all. I provide chess lessons as requested, the best for 1 - 5 students at a time. One lesson takes 30 minutes because children can not concentrate longer. It is best to start with chess at the age of 4 or 5 years, but it is never too late. Even if you are retired, you can still start with chess.

Events  Events in Prešov and Slovakia - Active sport, sports events and tournaments - Tourist and hiking information - Music and other events - Future, current and past events

How to be happy  There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving. Happiness does not depend on how much we have, but whether we are happy with what we have. Family relationships and friendship are more important than money. A positive attitude will help us achieve the goals we have set in our lives.

How to be healthy  Life is a movement. The healthiest movement of a person is walking. Take a walk or hiking for an hour a day. Alternative sports are running and cycling. It is best to sport in the forest where you breathe clean air.

Ecology and waste  Have you ever been to the waste dumps? I would recommend it to you. Plastic waste has flooded our planet and causes serious problems in both water and land.

Travelling to Mars  2030 - 2039 is an initial date for the beginning of a settlement on Mars. There is water on Mars. Thanks to it, the settlement on Marse will be easier. Two types of buildings will be built - on the surface and below it. There will be plants and trees grown inside that will produce oxygen.

Baťa prices and problems they cause - Baťa prices end with digit 9. In the old days, when prices normally ended by digit 0 were Baťa prices in place, Bata shoes were cheaper. Nowadays many prices end with digits 90 or 99. Today's Baťa prices are disadvantageous for vendors and buyers too, and yet they are widely used. What are the disadvantages?

Iplicator - Use iplicator for your back and neck pain relief. Place iplicator onto mattress and pillow. Lay down on it free of clothing.

Cheapest energy - Saved energy - Save more than 100 Euro a year on electrical energy. Unplug from the socket all electrical appliances that are currently not in use. Where available, you may switch off the socket instead of unplugging appliances.

End of the summer and winter time - Within a few years, the summer and winter time will be a history and nothing will be in a way for one time zone for the entire Earth. Our biorhythm (internal body's clock) changes depending on the position of the sun. When the summer time takes place, human's internal body clock gets disrupted and sleep is disrupted too.

Bounded photons experiment - I described my physics experiment with disappearing light from 2007. Photons were becoming visible and invisible in equally long intervals. I also published experiments of deceased physicist David A Chalmers In Memoriam 1929-2001.

Diamond Yacca - Diamond Yacca detox nutritional food supplement reduces surface tension in the body. Organ sediments are the cause of many diseases. By taking Diamond Yacca, the sediments are removed from the body.

Footwork training - Basic footwork and movement skills consist of learned footwork patterns. Automated footwork is reached by constant repetition of patterns using cones and ladders.

Hiking beginnings - Hiking has beneficial effects on physical and mental condition including losing excess weight and decreasing high blood pressure. Time spent in the forest significantly reduces stress in the body.

Tourist attractions - Discover Slovakia, beautiful country in the heart of Europe. Land of the Tatra Mountains and ski resorts, national parks, caves, lakes, folk music and traditional rafts floating.

About me - My name is Vladimir Slavik, I was born in 1977 in Prešov, Slovakia. I studied computers and electrical engineering. I am good at computers. I actively support ecology. I am into sports and hiking.

Contact - Contact me or connect with me on social networks.

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