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Terms and conditions of use

All information on this web site is for informative purposes only. Information published by Vladimír Slávik is provided free of charge for personal use and without any warranties. This information can not be used for commercial or business purposes without the consent of the owner.

Information is published in good faith that they are credible and truthful at the time of their initial publication. Date, time and location of an event can change, it is, therefore, necessary to verify information with the event organiser. Check if an attraction is open with its provider.

Information provided by third parties may be protected by their owners. Logos, trademarks, patents and other rights of third parties are important to us and you agree not to infringe them.

Source code and design are not permitted to copy, modify, use, sell or rent.

Vladimír Slávik is not responsible for any damages caused by unauthorised use of information and does not warrant accuracy and timeliness of any information provided by the external web sites such as social networks, weather, time and date, Google Translator and others.

Google Translate service translates text without guarantee of correct translation. If you disagree with these terms and conditions, you should stop using this website.

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