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Diamond Yacca

Diamond Yacca is an improved Slovak saponin nutritional supplement of the new generation. It is obtained from the Yucca Schidigera plant. It mainly contains terpene and steran saponins in a 4:1 ratio. Terpene saponins need to be more, because they work all over the body, unlike steran saponins that work in the stomach. It also contains carbohydrates, proteins, fibre and fats. The manufacturer guarantees the same composition of the different batch capsules independently of the seasons.

Diamond Yacca is also suitable for pregnant and nursing women, but consult it with your doctor first. It slows down ageing and therefore it is good to take it preventively. Diamond Yacca is not a medicine and does not work chemically or biologically. It works only physically and therefore does not affect the effectiveness of the medicine. It reduces surface tension on all surfaces on and in the body and by that it removes sediments from the organism. Diamond Yacca saponins can be a suitable support mechanism in therapy, but with medical supervision.

Contraindications - Diamond Yacca must not be used in two cases:
1. It cannot be used by patients with an artificial hip or knee joint (endoprostheses). Diamond Yacca will revive the bone that will increase its diameter perhaps by 0.1 mm and that's enough for the artificial joint not to work properly.
2. It cannot be used by patients who have organ transplants (heart, lung, liver, pancreas, bone marrow, etc.). This does not include dental implants, artificial eye lens and other devices of this nature. The patient must take immunosuppressive medicines that suppress the immune system. Diamond Yacca reduces the occurrence of bacteria and viruses in the body and also strengthens the immune system that would destroy the foreign transplanted organ.

Nutritional food supplement Diamond Yacca is available at
https://reparexshop.co.uk - e-shop loyalty program. Diamond Yacca is produced in Košice, Slovakia by the acclaimed doctor MUDR. OTO SOVA, CSC., who can be consulted by phone, e-mail or in person.

Diamond Yacca is available in two packages.
75 g - about 130 capsules - small package - £64,90 VAT incl.
150 g - about 260 capsules - large package - £129,90 VAT incl.

Actual prices need to be checked with the product seller.

Diamond Yacca
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