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Hiking beginnings

Day and night forest trails hiking

Hiking is an excellent sport activity which consists of walking in natural environments. It has beneficial effects on physical and mental condition including losing excess weight and decreasing high blood pressure. Time spent in the forest significantly reduces the stress level in the body and helps us to regain positive energy for the next days.

Take a fully functional mobile/cell phone (fully charged with enough credit + roaming) and sufficient water (1 litre or more). You might also need some of the following equipment. Shatterproof sports glasses, energy food, headlight + LED torch + spare batteries, hygiene + medical needs. I recommend the waterproof trousers. Hiking boots or trail shoes are a must.

Wear thermal clothing. Take additional clothing layers and spare clothing in your backpack (socks, underpants, undershirt, sweatshirts, jacket, raincoat). You might also need MOUNTAIN INSURANCE, compass, maps, GPS, first aid kit, space blanket, thermos flask, reflective vest, reflective slap wraps, scarf, hat, gloves, walking crampons, snowshoes, etc.

In the woods behave decently and orderly. During hiking, we also greet strangers. If there is no waste bin on our tourist route, we do not throw waste in the woods but we bring it back with us. Do not get too close to wild animals, because they can attack us if they feel threatened. Especially watch out for bears, wild boars and snakes.

In cold weather, many hiking trails are icy and you can expect half a metre of snow or more at some places. The worst conditions are extreme weather, strong wind and snow, temperatures from -10 to -30 ºC (from 14 to -22 ºF) or less.
When the temperature in the shade is above 25 ºC (77 ºF) hiking in the sun can be dangerous for some people.
Some of the terrains can be wet or covered with water. Exceptionally, low water streams need to be crossed by wading.

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Hiking map of Slovakia Hiking map of Czechia
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