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Violent video games and crime

August 15, 2020,  |  What kinds of decent games do we know?
1. Colouring, reactionary, puzzle, logic, quizzes, Tetris, chess...
2. Farm - growing vegetables, fruits and animal breeding
3. Manager of a football team, railway network and the like
4. Sports games - football, basketball, tennis, skiing...
5. Simulators - flight simulator, traffic simulator...
6. Games for one or more - cars, motorcycles, formulas

What kinds of violent games do we know?
1. Cars - swearing, drugs, murder, violence and crime
2. Shooting - murder and violence

How much time do you spend playing video games?
There's nothing wrong with playing decent video games unless you spend hours a day playing them. If you start playing video games in the morning and in the afternoon you find out that you have not eaten yet, you have a serious problem. If you get up at night and play video games, you will not have a good night's sleep and the next day you will be tired and nervous.

How do violent video games affect young children?
A 3-year-old child who shot his father with a gun said: I thought if I shoot my father, my father would get up like in a video game. Children do not realize the difference between reality in life and game. They think that the rules that apply in a video game also apply in normal life.

How do violent video games affect us?
When playing violent video games, where a player murders thousands of people every day, his conscience towards violence is dulled. He will deal with conflicts at school and in life aggressively and not peacefully and amicably. Shooting in schools is a common problem in many countries around the world. Some choose to shoot pupils and teachers at school while they are still students, others in adulthood. Children and students who have been bullied at school have been longing for revenge even for years.

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