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Risks of artificial intelligence

August 1, 2020,  |  What is artificial intelligence?
Artificial intelligence is a computer program that was created for a specific purpose. This program has the ability to learn, evolve and change for the better or the worse. In some cases, a program can change to do the exact opposite of what it was created for. In this case, no one is responsible for any damage caused by the artificial intelligence program. The programmer programmed the program to protect people and help them. The police who intervene against an innocent citizen is innocent because artificial intelligence has warned her of a certain threat.

Artificial intelligence - what does it decide and will it decide?
Do you want to enter a luxury restaurant and order something? Do you want to take out a loan? Do you want to open a bank account? Do you want to get a job? Do you want to get a visa? Will the traffic police send you a fine? Yes, artificial intelligence will decide it. If you find yourself in court, artificial intelligence will pass judgment instead of a judge - fairly but without compassion. Do you want it?

Artificial intelligence and your citizen status
Citizen status is an assessment that depends on whether you behave decently or not. For good deeds your status increases, for bad deeds it decreases. If you buy the camera online and return it for no reason, it will jeopardize your status. Another such offence and your points will be deducted from your status. If you break a law, your status will drop again. The better the status, the more points you have.

Using a simple example, we will explain in three points how services work.
1. If you have a lot of points, you can rent an electric bike without having to pay a down payment.
2. If you have an average number of points, you can rent an electric bike and the deposit will be refunded when you return the bike.
3. If you have a few points, you can forget that you can rent an electric bicycle, as there is a great risk that you will not return it.

If you have a low status and want to buy a flight ticket or a high-speed train ticket, you simply will not be allowed to buy them. You will have to take a slow train, bus or car. If you have a very low status and you want to buy something from an online store, it will allow you to buy only a few simple things.

Autonomous weapons - a real threat
Autonomous weapons are weapons that kill people without being controlled by man. The best developed autonomous weapons today are drones (unmanned aircraft). Robotic weapons are constantly evolving and are getting better and better. And there are more and more of them. They can be developed for a good purpose, but no one can guarantee that they will not end up in the wrong hands. If hackers gain control of such weapons, it will be bad. If artificial intelligence gains control of such weapons, it will be a disaster.

Terminator - how far or near are we?
Indeed, we are still far from this invention, but year after year we are closer and closer to it. There is a robot that can walk stairs, stand up when it falls, do a flip or jump with one rotation turn. There is a robot that has liquid metal in it, which can repair its damaged part. Robotics is advancing and the risk of the extermination of humanity by robots is constantly increasing. This threat cannot be eliminated because of scientific progress and the desire to produce terminator soldiers are unstoppable.

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