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travelling to Mars

Travelling to Mars

April 1, 2018  | 
2030 - 2039 is initial date for the beginning of settlement on Mars.

There is a water on Mars. Thanks to it, settlement on Mars will be easier. Two types of buildings will be built - on the surface and below it. There will be plants and trees grown inside that will produce oxygen. It is thought that excess oxygen will be drained later on and within few hundreds years it would create better atmosphere on Mars.

It is needed to increase presence of oxygen and nitrogen in Martian atmosphere. Temperature on Mars is needed to be increased by about 60 ºC (140 ºF). By heating the planet denser and thicker atmosphere would by created. It would protect planet from cosmic rays. Ozone layer that protect live organisms from ultraviolet radiation, would increase too.

Wise men of this world precede themselves by statements, when will be human crew sent to Mars. Goal is simple, creation of conditions for living on Mars. But it doesn't make sense, that people who brought conditions for living on Earth to coming catastrophe want to change Mars for surviving of human race. Preservation of life on Earth is million times easier than preparing Mars for life.

Extreme poverty and extreme riches of people is a huge problem on Earth. This problem would be solved, if no person could have wealth more than 1 million dollars. Wealth above this limit would be given to poor ones. It would be much better if everyone on Earth would have sufficient of everything. Richest people would find out, that smaller wealth bring more happiness.

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