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The right to live

My rights end where others' rights begin

January 1, 2020,  |  Man's life is a gift. Now the significant question is - when does life begin? The answer is simple, at conception. I would never take the life of an unborn baby. I would never even say to kill a person. Mothers who think about abortion hurt their children. If such a child is finally born, he feels that he has been unwanted and can suffer up to 12 years of age. When he became a teenager, he would realize that there is no longer any need to worry about that and would begin to live his life. Lack of love in childhood causes slower growth and underdevelopment.

Ecological transport of food

It is necessary to create the Central Food Register containing a list of all available foods, their quantity and GPS origin. If local food is available in a certain region, it must not be imported from other regions or countries. If local food is available, it cannot be imported from a distance of more than 100 km. If it is not available within 100 km, it can be imported from a distance of up to 200 km, then up to 300 km, etc. It will be not only ecological but also economical. We will have strong regions and strong countries.

Abolition of cash and ground plots to people
It is necessary to divide ground plots to people and build them passive family houses. Solar panels or solar roofs provide energy independence. People will be able to grow fruits and vegetables in large gardens. Let us move the population to family houses. Let us abolish all ID cards and introduce a universal subcutaneous chip. Let us abolish identity cards, passports, driving licenses, health insurance cards, employee cards, bank accounts, payment cards, club cards and alike. When we go swimming, we will no longer have to worry about someone stealing our documents, credit cards, money or keys.

Tapping and tracking abolishment
Tapping and recording decent people must stop! This is no longer a life when one is watched at every step - outdoors and home. Today we have tracking available through voice assistants, microphones, webcams, security cameras, mobile phones, tablets, satellites and so on.

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