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Life on Earth in year 3000

How do I imagine life on Earth in the year 3000

March 13, 2019,  |  Humans will live in perfect harmony with nature and animals.
There will no longer be desert on earth, the whole earth will be fertilized. The earth will be full of animals that will not harm people. Rivers, lakes, seas and oceans will be full of fish.

There will be no cities, apartment buildings or skyscrapers. Families will live in large houses with large gardens around the country. There will also be common parks, gardens, forests and sports fields. There will be no power plants, but windows and roofs will generate electricity from the sun. Excess energy will be stored in underground capacitors.

Pollution of nature
People will not make any waste, the materials used will be recycled to 100%. Water will be drinkable all over the Earth, there will be no pollution of nature.

There will be no more weapons, crime or jail. There will be no money, everyone will have a surplus of everything. People on Earth will live in peace and security with a carefree life.

Sport and nationality
Sports will be for joy and not for money. There will be no more states, nationalities or borders. The whole earth will speak one language.

Travel and transportation
Travelling will be on foot, on bicycles, on horses and boats. For longer distances teleport travel will be used. Rockets and spaceships will fly to other planets. Underground transport of goods will be managed by artificial intelligence.

There will no longer be institutes for the sick and the elderly. People will have perfect health, they will never be sick. People will no longer age or die.

Science and education
Scientific progress will reach huge dimensions. Educational and research centres around the world will work together. The research information will be shared with all the people on Earth. It will not be uselessly researched what will be already discovered.

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