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How to be healthy

April 9, 2018,  |  Life is a movement.
The healthiest movement of a person is walking. Take a walk or hiking for an hour a day. Alternative sports are running and cycling. It is best to sport in the forest where you breathe clean air. Half an hour before sporting activities, eat a banana, for example, to have enough energy. After sports, eat a banana for example and within 2 hours eat proteins to repair muscles damaged by sports activity. Getting enough sleep helps to prevent diseases.

Take 15 minutes of exercise every day. I recommend exercises for a healthier spine. Exercise peacefully and slowly, never make quick movements. Between each exercise, take a 20-second break. Breathe through your nose. Tighten your muscles when breathing in, release them when breathing out. When you sit for a long time, give yourself a 5-minute break every hour. Take a walk and then pull and relax the muscles.

A healthy adult should drink 2 litres of water per day. Water detoxifies organism from various impurities that are then discharged from the body. It is best to drink heated warm water, but one who can't, he should drink at least lukewarm water. Cold water is the least good for humans. Ice water is detrimental to humans, as it moves undigested food from the stomach into the intestines.

Eat lots of vegetables and some fruits. Wash them thoroughly with water before eating. Split your plate into 3 thirds. Ideal food is meat, rice and vegetable salad. Eat whole-grain foods. Eat fish several times a week. Do not eat too much. Do not keep eating after you are no longer hungry. The refrigerator temperature should be set to 1-5 ºC (33,8 - 41 ºF).

Have you ever thought whether to buy bio - when yes and when no?
Buy bio fruits and vegetables with soft skin. Most vitamins are often found right below the skin and therefore we do not peel them. We eat them with the skin.
You do not need to buy bio fruits and vegetables with hard or rough skin, because most of the chemicals are in the outer part of the skin that we do not eat.

How you can cope with stress
Negative and long-term stress is harmful to humans as well as animals. You can hardly avoid stress, therefore you have to learn how to deal with it. You can fight stress by regular exercise, sufficient rest and sleep, good communication, good sense of humour and support by a friend or spouse. Do not expect perfection of yourself or others and set reasonable priorities.

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