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how to be happy

How to be happy

June 16, 2018  | 
There is more hapiness in giving, than in receiving. Giving activates region of the brain associated with pleasure. We can help to the ill, poor, needy and affected by natural disasters. All people on earth are brothers and when we give gifts of mercy, we give to our family. Genetic tests proved that all people originate from two fathers and mothers. Our first parents were Adam and Eve from paradise and our second parents were Noah with his wife, who survived flood in the ark.

Secret of contentment and positive attitude
Happiness does not depend on how much we have, but whether we are happy with what we have. Many people who are relatively poor are happier than the rich. How is it possible? Family relationships and friendship are more important than money. A positive attitude will help us achieve the goals we have set in our lives. If we focus on positive things, every day will appear good.

Hapiness in family
Family life can be likened to a journey by plane. Father is a pilot-in-command - captain. Mother is an assistant pilot - helper. Children are passengers who obey instructions of the pilots. The role of the father is to love his wife, raise children and financially support the family. Wife should have a deep respect for her husband and help with raising children. Children need to obey their parents.

Hapiness at work
It is very good to have our hobby as a job to make living. If we have everything we need and yet we still work to get rich and have more money, we make a mistake. Time we could spend with our family, taking a rest or having a fun will be wasted at our work. Wealth has not yet made anyone happy, but it has made many unhappy people.

Every human needs to rest. Passive rest can be watching television, listening to radio, sitting or lying down. Active rest are hobbies. Every person should have one or two hobbies. Most common hobbies are active sporting, dancing, working in the garden, playing a musical instrument, learning foreign language and others.

World peace
In order to have all people on Earth happy, world peace have to be signed or declared. The truth is, that mankind is not far from this significant event in human history. World peace will be preceded by a huge blood shedding or a good sense. But as long as nuclear weapons will exist, all life on Earth can be exterminated any time. Thus world peace will not be real.

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