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Evacuation backpack - what is it good for?

Do you have it ready if something happens?

July 1, 2020,  | 
When will you need it?
The evacuation backpack will be useful in the event of a terrorist attack or natural disaster - earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, flood, landslide, explosion, fire and the like.

Some think that there are no emergencies in their area and therefore they do not have to prepare for them. Indeed, some have never experienced such a situation, but climatic conditions around the world are deteriorating. Many are experiencing natural disasters for the first time in their lives and others will yet experience them. Others realize that whenever something can happen and then they can quickly pack their necessary things and leave their home. I can't imagine how someone that is stressed - for example, after an earthquake, could start packing an evacuation backpack at a time when one has to run quickly from the house to the street.

Each family should set up two meeting places in case of an emergency. One should be about 1 kilometre (0.6 miles) from the house and the other 10 - 100 kilometres (6 - 60 miles) from the house. Let your family and friends know where you are so they don't look for you. It is better to send an SMS than to make a phone call. Landlines are more reliable than mobile phones. You can lose property, but try to save your life and health.

The evacuation backpack does not have to contain all the things listed below. There are different climatic conditions and circumstances in each area, which change over time. Check the evacuation backpack every three months and change things so that they are not after the expiration date.

What it should contain
first aid kit:
medication, bandages, tourniquet, tape, scissors, 1 decilitre of 45% alcohol, dust mask
hygiene things:
toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, towel, toilet paper, pocket tissues
1.5 litres of water, nonperishable bread, muesli, 3 canned meat and opener, bitter chocolate

woollen blanket, clothes, reflective slap wrap, torch, radio, lighter, knife, needle and linen thread
waterproof copies of documents, spare house keys and car keys, credit cards, cash

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