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Ecology and waste

July 7, 2018,  |  What is a landfill?
It is the place where all unseparated rubbish from the waste containers is exported. It is usually located somewhere out of the town or between cities. Have you ever been to the waste dumps? If not, I would warmly recommend it to you. In the best case, garbage from the landfill will be burnt to generate electricity. In the worst case, garbage will be decomposed for hundreds of years.

Plastic waste
This waste has flooded our planet and causes serious problems in both water and land. Many animals die only because they have full stomachs of plastic waste. Disposable plastic bags, plastic pots, cutlery, and the like humans do not need. We lived without them for thousands of years and we did not need them and even now we do not need them.

Biodegradable plastic waste
These disposable products are a bit more expensive, but they are going to biodegrade in nature in a few days or years. They do not cause a burden on the environment.

Yellow, green, blue, red and brown container
If you do not separate waste yet, it's always better to start later than never.
Yellow - Plastics - plastic bottles, plastic pots, plastic bags, foils, food packaging...
Green - Glass - non-returnable glass bottles and jars, sheet glass, glass fragments...
Blue - Paper - paper packaging, boxes, cartons, newspapers, magazines, leaflets, papers...
Red - Metals - cans, yoghurt caps, cheeses packaging, chocolate and coffee packaging...
Tetra Pack - multilayered composite materials - milk, juice, wine, tomato paste packages...

Brown - Biodegradable waste - food leftovers, grass, leaves, branches, trees...

Biodegradable waste, electrical waste and construction waste
Biodegradable waste can be used to generate electricity by the process of anaerobic fermentation and combustion. Electronic waste and construction waste is needed to be taken to the recycling centre.

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