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Cheapest energy - Saved energy

You can save more than 100 Euro a year

July 15, 2017,  |  Unplug from the socket all electrical appliances that are currently not in use. Where available, you may switch off the socket instead of unplugging appliances.
Unplug these appliances: radio, tv set, Blu-ray, DVD, video, router, computer, monitor, notebook / mobile / tablet chargers, microwave, kettle, toaster, electric cooker, washing machine, tumble dryer and instant-flow water heater.
Do not unplug these appliances: fridge, freezer, heating and water heater.

Buy energy-efficient lighting and appliances
Energy-efficient light bulbs are more expensive to buy but they quickly get your money back when you save on energy.

Help to save more energy resources

Save water and energy too
When boiling water, cover the pot with a lid. Measure water for making tea or coffee with a cup, this way no water is wasted and energy is saved.

Shower with lukewarm water
Save energy on water heating and you will have better health too.

Energy-saving on heating in winter
The less heating in winter, the more money you save.

Separate waste for recycling
Use ecological bags for your shopping. Produce the least waste possible and then separate it into correct bin or waste containers. Other products can be made from separated waste.

Ride a bike or use public transport instead of driving a car
Ride a bike on bicycle roads. If not possible, use public transport - bus or train. A car consumes for transporting one person at least three times more energy than public transport.

Insulate your block of flats or your house, but don't use polystyrene
Use mineral wool or similar material for insulation.

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